Our courses are:

  • Focused on What Works

    Thanks to our combined financial experience, and the backtesting of market data, we statistically know which tools and strategies can generate highly consistent profits. We cut through the noise and deliver you what works, so you can jump-start your financial success.

  • Tailored to your Needs

    While there is a common core to all TrendUp courses that must be covered, we are able to adapt the classes to your needs and trading profile, so you can both maximize your learning and develop your own trading style.

  • Practical & Dynamic

    Our lessons include strategy discussions and real-life case studies. You will also be engaged in simulated trading throughout the course, where you will both apply what you learn in class and identify your areas of strength and weakness, so we can work in improving them.

  • International

    TrendUp is a global program, with members from all around the world. Our courses are not limited to identifying trading opportunities in one country, but rather are focused on finding the best opportunities in any market, local or international.

  • Different & Better

    Unlike ‘trading courses’, we don’t waste time in discussing strategies that rely on luck or unproven systems, nor do we just discuss stocks. We focus on derivative trading which is where, throughout the years, we have identified the best opportunities.

  • Exclusive yet Affordable

    We keep our class sizes intentionally small as not only do we believe that it contributes to better learning, but it also allows us to develop an exclusive powerful community. And since we want the best, we keep our prices low to attract talented members.

The Levels

Content & Curriculum

Course contents are adapted to the different needs of the group, but a common core is delivered in all L1 and L2 courses, regardless of country or group profile.

Detailed course syllabi can be found on the specific course page.