The TrendUp Mission:

To Identify and Empower the Best Future Minds in Investing.

Why we were born.

TrendUp was born out of the desire of an international group of successful young professionals to empower millennials to make their own investing decisions. We wanted to share our success and mentor future generations.

We know that when sound investment strategy is shared, and a powerful community is created as a result, you can generate consistent above-average returns that allow you to take control of your own financial future.

  • Identify the Best

    We look for bright passionate people who we believe can excel in the field. While most of our members are university students, the program is open to anyone that fits the profile.

  • High Quality Training

    We offer high-quality training courses designed to develop our members as successful investors. We carefully select the courses’ content to focus on the tools and strategies that have been proven to deliver excellent results.

  • A Powerful Community

    We’re not just a course provider, we treat all our members as partners and believe that by developing a global community of exceptional investors, we can greatly outperform the markets.

  • Life-long Skills

    Our program gives our members both a solid skill set and relevant experience that stays with them throughout their life, and can aid them in landing jobs in related fields.