Online CFOA® Program

This online course has the following objectives:

  • Develop a solid base in investing in the financial markets, through analysis of equity (stock) and derivative (options and futures) markets.
  • Build the analytical skills necessary to successfully establish trading strategies that maximize financial returns and take advantage of different market situations.
  • Strengthen trade management skills as well as risk/reward, probability and asset allocation capabilities.
  • Prepare you to successfully pass the CFOA examination in order to become an officially Certified Futures and Options Analyst by the ICFDT.

Since it is an online course, there are no set dates, and candidates can study at their own pace. Some students can successfully complete the course in under a week, while others might do so in a year.

The official CFOA program, and therefore this online course, is structured around four main blocks:

  • I. Markets & Financial Derivatives
  • II. Options
  • III. Futures
  • IV. Risk Profiles, Asset Allocation & Risk Management

The following is the official content rubric:

topics covered

The online course covers all the required content, so no previous knowledge of the financial markets is needed. Naturally, however, candidates with some previous base will be able to advance through the course at a quicker pace.

In order to be an official CFOA holder, the ICFDT establishes education and experience requirements which are waived when enroling in the TrendUp CFOA course. As a result, the only requirement for obtaining the CFOA certification is passing the official examination.

However, please be aware that at this time, all course materials and the examination are exclusively in English.

While the course is delivered by the TrendUp team, the CFOA certificate is awarded by the International Council for Derivate Trading, or CFOA, a financial industry institution.

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At the end of the course, the candidates will have the opportunity to take the official CFOA examination. Upon successful completion of the exam, the candidate will be awared the official CFOA certification by the ICFDT.

For the exam, the content blocks are weighted as follows:

  • Section I: 10%
  • Section II: 50%
  • Section III: 30%
  • Section IV: 10%

The exam will either be taken online through an online proctor system, or in a test center, anywhere in the world.

Unless automatically registered through a platform like WeChat, please use the website’s contact us page for information on the registration process.